Anna Faulkland

Anna Faulkland is an Ink Arabesque author.

Born and raised in England, Anna has now spent half her life in Scotland. While she has come to love her northern home, she still feels a strong connection to her English roots.

Her background includes a first degree in languages and a master’s in education. She’s had a lifelong fascination with history, both with the lives of famous names and those of the forgotten individuals who lived in turbulent times but left few traces. Other inspirations for me are art, ballet and nature.

Anna’s debut novel is Coronet of Straw.

Coronet of Straw

Cover art for Coronet of Straw: a historical romance novel

Historical romance and European folklore meet in a tale of unrequited love and forgiveness, set in the fairy-tale landscape of 18th century Germany.

For village girl Ilse, there’s no lovelier time of year than the grape harvest festival. As wine, dancing and romance weave their magic, she needs only one thing to make her joy complete: forest-dweller Hans. But her childhood hero’s affections are fixed on her dearest friend Giselle, and the only way Ilse can stay close to Hans is by supporting his scheme to win her friend at any cost…

During one fateful year, Ilse discovers there’s a fine line between devotion and obsession, and that impossible choices lurk even in the most idyllic of settings. As everything she knows about love is called into question, suppressed secrets of the past begin to cast their own shadow. The unfolding events weave a tapestry of deceit from which there’s no escape.

In a coming of age story inspired by the tragic classical ballet ‘Giselle’, this novel of ill-fated love takes place against a backdrop of vineyards, castles and forests, spanning from the Renaissance era to the 1700s.

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