Digital Art: Ballet and Other Themes

Ballet Dancer Artwork

Combining 3D Renders, Post-Processing and Digital Painting

The grace of ballet dancers inspired me to create the following digital artworks. The pas de deux images feature classic poses from Romeo & Juliet (Ratmansky) and The Sleeping Beauty ballets.

Female outfits/shoes are my own 3D creations, characters are my own custom versions of Daz Studio Genesis 3 characters, hair is mostly by AprilYSH and male dancer wears costume items from Esha (April and Esha are two of my favourite 3D creators, both highly recommended).

Post-processing involved many hours of digital painting using various software. Filters and effects were created in Filter Forge, Painter Essentials and GIMP (with the indispensable G’MIC add-on). Watercolour brushes in lilac ballerina image are by Ron Deviney.

I always pay for any additional 3D assets and other tools, but I’m a big believer in open source and low-cost software such as Blender and GIMP. Passion and perseverance will take you a lot further than a big budget!