Needle Felting, Papercraft and Model Making

Needle Felted Creations

Brown hare created in March 2019 based on a kit by The Makerss, a lovely company in Gloucestershire.

Needle-felted tortoiseshell kitten, created March – June 2019. The Needle Felted Kittens book by Japanese needlefelt artist Hinali was my inspiration and trusty guide for this challenging project. And what a beautiful book it is!

Even so, it took many long hours of work to complete the cat’s head, with each individual tuft of merino wool top having to be added to create the fur.

I abandoned the project for a while, but eventually came back to it. There’s only so much I can take of seeing a disembodied head on a shelf! After I’d worked some more on the face to get a kittenish look, I added a (front) body and paws.

I created the eyes myself as I wanted the cat to have an elliptical pupil. They really add the finishing touch!

Greetings Cards – My Original Designs

Just some of the many greetings cards and papercraft designs I’ve created over the years for special people. These are all my original designs, although the bird on the branch uses a commercially-available stencil. (All other stencils for cutting-out card/paper shapes were my own creation.)

Model Theatre: Cut Out and Assemble Project

A quick video showing a PTQ (put together quickly) sequence of my model Royal Opera House. It was created from a kit in a book, and was kindly sent to me by a family friend who calls London’s ROH home (or at least ‘the office’).

Click to play: